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Vomiting, Chronic in Cats

 by ben on  |
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There's a variety of reasons a cat can vomit constantly. It can be because of a food intolerance, eating too quickly, and too much time between meals, poor diet, or they could have an infection. Other issues can include gastrointestinal (GI) issues that cause hairballs, medical conditions like kidney disease, GI cancer, toxin ingestion, and parasites.

If your cat is constantly vomiting hairballs, you will see undigested bits of food, wads of hair and debris, and phlegm to hold the disgusting mess together. Your cat might vomit at certain times as well or even pass out.

Cats with long hair really enjoy grooming themselves — and sometimes other cats, (dogs and even people) who are living with them. These type of cats typically have more hairballs than normal. Cats who eat dry foods normally don't get enough moisture in their diet so this upsets the digestive process. And unlike dogs, cats don't make up for the lack of water by drinking a bunch of water, so they often end up a little dehydrated.

A GI tract that lacks moisture is least likely to transport a hairball than a digestive tract of a well-hydrated cat, eating a diet that's appropriate for them. Cats in the wild pass hair in their bowel movements on a daily basis. Cats have tiny bristles on their tongues that are made to swallow and process hair. So cats digesting hair is normal.

The solution: Feed your cat a diet rich with moisture and brush their hair. This will help them digest the hair better and eat less hair when they are grooming themselves. If there's other cats in the house, make sure they are brushed and groomed, especially if your cat loves to groom other cats and people.

What other solutions do you know help with cat vomiting? Tell us in the comment section below and don't forget to like us on and share us with others who are looking for solutions to their cat vomiting issues!


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