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Hairballs in Cats

 by ben on  |
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Cats are amazing companion animals. They shower us with affection by playing with us and their favorite laser pointer, then using this as their very own pillow. they also tend to the amazingly clean creatures, spending quite a bit of time grooming themselves.

Although this cleaning routine does mean that less of their beautiful forever ends up on our furniture, it does often lead to a small problem with hairballs ending up in less than desirable locations. As much as hairballs seem to be an actual medical issue, it is simply a slightly unpleasant byproduct of how your cat stays so clean.

Hair balls form when some of the hair dislodged when your cat grooms themself. Most of the hair swallowed will pass all the way through and not cause an issue, however nobody likes hairballs. Cats can't stand them and they often make the pet parents quite uncomfortable at best.

This of course they did this all with the question of what the best ways to handle and eliminate hairballs in cats are.There are a variety of different ways to manage hairballs. Although there is no way to completely eliminate hairballs from the cats and cat owners life there are a few ways to make them less common so that you and your wonderful cat do not have to deal with this unpleasant byproduct of cats grooming themselves.

One of the simplest solutions to hairballs is to help your cat by grooming them as well. Since hairballs come from their tendency to dislodge any loose hair and then swallow it, brushing your cat regularly will help by dislodging some of the loose fur and preventing it from being swallowed and then coming back as a hairball later.

There are a wide variety of brushes available offline and online that will help keep a lot of this forever from being swallowed by your cat and from shedding onto your furniture. another benefit of spending more time helping your cat grooming self is that you will be spending quality time with your cat. This is definitely good for both your cat and you as spending time together will help with any stress in your lives.In addition to some of the simpler and lower tech remedies, there are many brands that are now coming out with anti hairball formulas.

These high fiber blends of cat food are designed to help improve your cat's digestive system and allow more of the hair to pass through rather than to get stuck your cat's stomach where it forms the notorious hairballs. In addition to this, there are even a few supplements coming out onto the market for cats that have an extra difficult time dealing with hairballs.No matter what strategy or combination strategies you use, it is certain to improve the quality of life for both you and your cat.


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