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Gas in Dogs - Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

 by ben on  |
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Just like humans, dogs can suffer from gas. The odors can be overbearing at times but in some cases, gas can be a sign of a more serious health issue. In the intestinal tract of the dogs, bacteria can ferment, and the gas will need to escape. In dogs, however, most gas comes from the dog swallowing too much air. 

Symptoms of Serious Gas 

In addition to the smell, there are other symptoms that can indicate that a dog is suffering from a problem with gas. Diarrhea and vomiting can be a sign of gas problems. The dog may also suffer from a loss of appetite which can lead to weight loss. 

Causes of Gas 

There are some things that can cause a dog to develop a problem with gas. If there is a change in their diet this can lead to additional gas. If the dog eats food that is spoiled this can be difficult to digest and cause gas. Foods that are high in fat, fiber, and spicy foods can lead to gas. Milk-based products also cause gas in dogs. 

Since gas can be caused when the dog swallows too much air the dog may be eating their food too quickly. Excessive gas can also be a form of a more serious health condition. The dog may have excessive growth of tissues in their bowels, may suffer from intestinal issues, or have some respiratory problems. If the gas becomes a real problem the dog should be taken to a vet for an exam. 

Treatment for Gas 

There are some medications that can be used to help dogs suffering from excessive gas. There are some medications that can be recommended by a vet to help dogs with gas issues. Be sure to speak to the vet since medications will vary based on age and weight. 

Preventing Gas 

There are some things that a person can do to help prevent their dog from having an issue with gas. If the dog is active they are less likely to develop gas. Smaller meals will also help the dog slow down so they will not ingest as much air. If this does not work changing the source of protein the dog eats and digests can be changed. 

While it is normal for a dog to have gas on time, excessive gas can lead to big issues. If the dog is suffering from an excessive amount of gas, the owner should take measures to help the dog so they can be more comfortable. 


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