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Obesity in Cats

 by ben on  |
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Obesity in cats are normal. Just like in humans, cats can have an excess of body fat. When cats are obese, it occurs because they are over nourished; they tend to retain a weight which makes them at risk for becoming obese, and they lack the ability to exercise when needed. Obesity in cats has serious health effects, which cuts their life span short. Various parts of their body are affected which deteriorates their joints and bones, and digestive organs which can affect their breathing. Cats that are neutered and stay indoors have the highest risk of becoming obese, due to lack of activity.

There is a treatment for cats who are obese. It is mainly to help focus on their weight loss and maintaining an ideal body weight for many years. Just getting them to exercise and being successful in cutting back their calorie intake is the key to their success. Before getting these tasks for your cat under control, talk to your local veterinarian, because she will give you a prepared diet plan that you can use to shape-up your cat's schedule when they eat.

Most veterinarians recommend that cats need to be on a diet which foods they eat, that are high in fiber and dietary protein but keeping foods that are low in fat. Dietary fiber is effective since they contain small amounts of energy. It fires up their energy and metabolism and energy at the same time.

For ideal exercise, cats who play with toys that can communicate with them and playing with laser light beams that they can chase around the house are fun. It will help them effectively to lose weight while not being aware at the same time. Another fun game is throwing soft balls so they can run freely several times when they are in a playful mood. Cats will not feel exhausted, but they will be happy.

It is important to follow-up when it comes for treating your cats for obesity by speaking on a regular basis with your veterinarian. The main thing is how your cat is progressing by what progress they have maintained with your cat's weight loss program that was setup by your veterinarian. It is important to watch your cat progression each month so if they are successful in keeping their weight under control, your goal has been achieved so your cat is eating healthy and maintaining their correct weight.

There are many cat owners who think that food intake has nothing to do with their pet weight gain which leads to their obesity. The fact is, if you feel your cat is becoming overweight, besides getting them checked for a physical exam, it is important that their blood and urine tests are normal. Also, check to make sure they have no physical or metabolic dysfunction.

Remember, if your cat is physically normal, other than them being obese, exercising them on an ideal program will do the trick because health in cats, just like humans are very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your cat will love you even more when they have your playful attention.


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